January 29, 2009

The goings on.

This child, the one that is jumping on the couch in her church dress, yeah that one.  This is Sunday before we head off for church, other than a runny nose she has been the sweet little one that she always is.  Tuesday morning we drop punk #3 off at MDO and head off to see the Dr.  Lilly is so excited, she told everyone that we past that day that she was going to the Dr. In the waiting room she kept asking where he was.  We sat there for an hour waiting.  Our ped. is awesome, we also sat in with him for an hour, he really pays attention and asks me questions.  You know my mind is fried with three kids so he know what I want to ask, but can't remember.  In this hour that we are visiting and he is making Lilly's knee bounce he finds that she has an ear infection.  WHAT?!?  There is no fever, no screaming from pain, no pulling at the ears.  Nothing except very thick green snot.  I guess that is enough, it really is gross.
In other Dr. news, I went to see our eye Dr and you know we are still waiting for the people to send my glasses back to them so I can have them.  That was 3 weeks ago.  It is a good thing I am not blind and I have an extra pair.  I also got the postcard in the mail that I am do for my dental exam and cleaning.  YEAH!  I can't get in until the third week of April.  Maybe I should go ahead and call for the woman visit too.  He always takes forever to get into.  So that is it for now. Goodbye.

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LeLe said...

One bizarre attribute of motherhood is that no matter how old the kids get, no matter how many kids you have and no matter all the different illnesses they tend to come down with, we as mothers never seem to attain the status of "been there, done it all". There is always the element of suprise that causes us to wince in disbelief as we say "I have never had this happen before"
to keep us guessing.

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