February 26, 2009

Describe me please.

Playing around today on the web, I found this site that randomly mixes text that you put in or from a page that you enter and makes this neat little word art.  I am looking for words that may desribe me.  Please leave them in your comment, since I don't get a lot of comments please leave several.  Thanks


February 25, 2009

February 20, 2009

What is Joy?

Earlier this month or maybe it was last month I posted about making a joyful noise and how it made me feel.  Just now I was on the floor changing Caitlin's stinky diaper and talking with the girls about seeing Memaw and Pepaw (Dimples parents).  They love seeing them.  Lilly simply states, "Pepaw is joy!"  

What brings you joy?

February 19, 2009

How to...

Paint a stencil clock:

I first saw this idea in Martha's magazine and loved it.  Except the stencil from her site was way too big for my printer and the clock hands alone were over $100. Not quite my budget for a project I wasn't sure would look as good as she did it.  So I head to Hobby Lobby.  Bought some $5 clock parts, $3 hands to replace the little gold ones that come with it, and $4 stencils.  $12 compared to $100+  I am happy and so is Dimples.  Actually he didn't care what I was doing.  I start and realize I don't want the whole wall as a clock so I just do the 12, 3, 6 and 9.
That was fine and simple and it stayed that way for several weeks.  Except I had this JoAnns coupon burning a hole in my pocket and my mom came in to go shopping.  Long story short I got some embellishing stencils 40% off and started again.
Little vines, next I added the stems for the flowers.

Now for the finishing touches, the flower tips.

Now you too can have a wall painted stencil clock!

February 17, 2009

Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

When we were in Denver, Co this year one of my brother's neighbors mentioned that for Valentine's Day he had fondue chocolate covered strawberries with his girls. What a great idea! Since we don't usually have a sitter for this night I decided that this would be our dessert. Dimples grilled us some yummy rib eyes and we attempted to bake potatoes (we actually had them for lunch on Sunday) all by candlelight. The girls had so much fun dipping the strawberries.

Caitlin just sucked the chocolate off and left the berry for whomever wanted it. I heard the trash can call dibs.

Lilly and her pj's were covered in chocolate before the night was over.

This moment... well one day she will be too cool to dip strawberries with her parents.

***Important Note: when participating in this activity remember to blow out dinner candles first, someones arm hairs can suffer a unnecessary death and it will avoid that gross burnt hair smell!***
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Natalie performed in her first talent show this past Friday. She sang Reflection from the movie Mulan. She was so awesome had me in tears. I know, I know that is what a mom is supposed to do, but she just made me so proud. That was just the beginning of a special weekend for her.

Here she is with her girl scout troop having a Valentine's Day Tea Party. Tea for Two in Cypress does a wonderful job making the girls special. In the corner of our room they even had little baby dolls and hats so the girls could play when finished with their lunch.

This is her with Patty our co-leader, she earned about 13 patches this year!

Janna, Natalie, Francesca and Gurneet all earned the Bronze Award this year, that is the highest honor that a Jr. Cadet can earn. They had to put in several hours of community service and lots of homework.

Natalie, you are a smart and beautiful young lady and you make us so proud. Thank you for just being you. I love you, Mom.
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February 16, 2009

Our beach.

This is the before:

This is the after:

Why is she vacuuming the sand? Maybe I should hand her the broom for my kitchen since most of the sand has found its way there.

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Things you find when you clean your kitchen.

Both of these very important items went missing for a few days this month. Whew, when I got off my bum and cleaned the counters off in the kitchen they were a nice surprise.
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February 08, 2009

My life is a bore

I do apologize that I haven't been blogging like I should.  Frankly there just isn't anything that is worth writing about.  The girls are still cute and a handful but no one has gotten stuck in the dog door or colored the wall and themselves with mascara.  Dimples works just as hard and we are thankful that he still has a job with this ugly economic recession that we are in.  Punk #1, we she is just a smart little punk.  Straight A's and E's on the report card.  
I just don't see the point in blogging about the fact that our grocery bill doubled since Christmas, or that gas is on the rise again, but the price per barrel is still low.  Or my favorite why people cut you off when they have to be aware that you are driving a Tahoe filled with kids.  Come on people do you think I drive that beast because I like the way it rides.  Those things are just things that you can't change.  So in a way I can say that I have been blessed that I don't have to deal with Ike anymore, like Mandy does.  But they get to go home next week, in time for baby girl to be born. So for now I will take my boring life, continue to quilt on Mondays, have our play dates on Wednesdays and clean my house on Friday.  That is good enough for me.  Tuesday and Thursday well, we will see how they fall.  Sometimes I like surprises.


This year I have decided to keep a record (to your right) of the books that I read through out the year.  Notice that they are all fluff!  With three kids, a husband and a mound of debt (slowly shrinking) I don't really want to read books that will make my head hurt with debating what was really meant by that phrase.  Maeve Binchy so far is my author or authoress, is that a word, of the year.  I started reading her last year with Tara Road.  What a great book!!!  What I like about her is that she has series, but you don't have to read them in a particular order.  Most of them tie together some how.  She is an Irish writer and all her stories start in Dublin or the small towns around there.  After all these fiction stories I will be planning a trip there.  Not anytime in the near future, maybe a second honeymoon for our 25th.  Only 20 more years to go!  If you have read any thing lately that you feel you need to share, please let me know.  Now I am off to begin The Shack.  I know that one is a thinker, but I have been dying to read it.  

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