February 08, 2009


This year I have decided to keep a record (to your right) of the books that I read through out the year.  Notice that they are all fluff!  With three kids, a husband and a mound of debt (slowly shrinking) I don't really want to read books that will make my head hurt with debating what was really meant by that phrase.  Maeve Binchy so far is my author or authoress, is that a word, of the year.  I started reading her last year with Tara Road.  What a great book!!!  What I like about her is that she has series, but you don't have to read them in a particular order.  Most of them tie together some how.  She is an Irish writer and all her stories start in Dublin or the small towns around there.  After all these fiction stories I will be planning a trip there.  Not anytime in the near future, maybe a second honeymoon for our 25th.  Only 20 more years to go!  If you have read any thing lately that you feel you need to share, please let me know.  Now I am off to begin The Shack.  I know that one is a thinker, but I have been dying to read it.  

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Kay said...

I love the idea of trcaking the books you read! I have a bunch of stuff you can borrow if you want, we can talk about it at playgroup.

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