February 17, 2009

Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

When we were in Denver, Co this year one of my brother's neighbors mentioned that for Valentine's Day he had fondue chocolate covered strawberries with his girls. What a great idea! Since we don't usually have a sitter for this night I decided that this would be our dessert. Dimples grilled us some yummy rib eyes and we attempted to bake potatoes (we actually had them for lunch on Sunday) all by candlelight. The girls had so much fun dipping the strawberries.

Caitlin just sucked the chocolate off and left the berry for whomever wanted it. I heard the trash can call dibs.

Lilly and her pj's were covered in chocolate before the night was over.

This moment... well one day she will be too cool to dip strawberries with her parents.

***Important Note: when participating in this activity remember to blow out dinner candles first, someones arm hairs can suffer a unnecessary death and it will avoid that gross burnt hair smell!***
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