February 08, 2009

My life is a bore

I do apologize that I haven't been blogging like I should.  Frankly there just isn't anything that is worth writing about.  The girls are still cute and a handful but no one has gotten stuck in the dog door or colored the wall and themselves with mascara.  Dimples works just as hard and we are thankful that he still has a job with this ugly economic recession that we are in.  Punk #1, we she is just a smart little punk.  Straight A's and E's on the report card.  
I just don't see the point in blogging about the fact that our grocery bill doubled since Christmas, or that gas is on the rise again, but the price per barrel is still low.  Or my favorite why people cut you off when they have to be aware that you are driving a Tahoe filled with kids.  Come on people do you think I drive that beast because I like the way it rides.  Those things are just things that you can't change.  So in a way I can say that I have been blessed that I don't have to deal with Ike anymore, like Mandy does.  But they get to go home next week, in time for baby girl to be born. So for now I will take my boring life, continue to quilt on Mondays, have our play dates on Wednesdays and clean my house on Friday.  That is good enough for me.  Tuesday and Thursday well, we will see how they fall.  Sometimes I like surprises.

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