February 17, 2009


Natalie performed in her first talent show this past Friday. She sang Reflection from the movie Mulan. She was so awesome had me in tears. I know, I know that is what a mom is supposed to do, but she just made me so proud. That was just the beginning of a special weekend for her.

Here she is with her girl scout troop having a Valentine's Day Tea Party. Tea for Two in Cypress does a wonderful job making the girls special. In the corner of our room they even had little baby dolls and hats so the girls could play when finished with their lunch.

This is her with Patty our co-leader, she earned about 13 patches this year!

Janna, Natalie, Francesca and Gurneet all earned the Bronze Award this year, that is the highest honor that a Jr. Cadet can earn. They had to put in several hours of community service and lots of homework.

Natalie, you are a smart and beautiful young lady and you make us so proud. Thank you for just being you. I love you, Mom.
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Kelly Summers said...

That pic of Natalie looks just like you!! Cute!

Kay said...

what an exciting weekend!

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