March 27, 2009

Newest Addition...

We have a new addition to our playgroup on Wednesdays. 

Harper Sloan Forsythe born March 26, 2009

I think she fits right in with our sassy girls.

March 25, 2009

March 4th really?

That was the date of my last post.  Man it has been a busy month.  

Punk #1 was home for Spring Break this year and I tried to make the most of it.  Friday I picked her up from school, with a short detour to the Dr. for hand x-rays; it was nothing really, we went to Nannaw and Pappaw's house.  I got to drop them off there all three of them for 2 whole days!  It was so quiet around the house.  It was nice to get up and go when we wanted or just sleep in.  But all in all I was happy to pick up the girls on Sunday.  They are my sweet babies and a little break was all I needed.  (Call you again next month, Mom!)

Ok back to Spring Break... Monday the 16th Dimples turned 32!  So we did what every typical American family does, we ate out.  Tuesday was Chuck E. Cheese day, note the picture of Caitlin pitching a fit.  She doesn't like to wait for her turn.  

Wednesday we got to have lunch with my Aunts, Unlce Chris, and cousins that came into town, just because.  I love it when that happens.  We also took punk #1 and a friend to the Rodeo. If you aren't from here and don't know about our rodeo it is kinda a big deal.  We rode the park and ride there to save the $20 parking and wasted time getting lost!  Walked the fair grounds and let the kids ride a few rides.  We ate turkey legs, sausage on a stick, cheese fries, corn dog, hot dog and a funnel cake.  We got into the stadium just in time for the chuck wagon races, calf scramble and this new event where little kids hang on for dear life to the sheep and ride it as long as they can.  It was hilarious.  Then the lights went down and Gary Alen came on stage.  I have to admit when we were given the tickets, I didn't know who he was, but excited to go.  But that was the most boring performance I have ever been to.  We go every year to atleast one, and that was the one that I don't think we will go back to see again.  Great songs for the radio, just not a live show.

Thursday we met one of our playgroup friends and went berry picking.  After the hour drive to get there, there is a hand written note on the door that they are picked out.  Just in case I asked if it was true.  When I explained we had a car full of toddlers and that the little ones that are barely ripe are just fine for a two year old to pick we got to head out and see what they had. We came home with 2 lbs.  That is enough for me.  Also found out that Caitlin does not like fresh strawberries.  She will have strawberry yogurt for breakfast every morning, but spits the fresh ones out everytime.
Friday was picture taking day.  Professional.  The last pic of the girls together professionally Caitlin was 2 weeks old.  Maybe sometime next month or for Mother's Day I can get one of all 5 of us.

That is it. That was our week, for the most part it will just repeat this week, just replace some of the activities with new ones.

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March 04, 2009

Wud Up G?

My friend just became a grandma this morning at 7am!  Here's the deal she is way too young, but as she says, "that is what happens when you fall in love with an old man."  They don't have grandparents names.  They don't want the normal g related names, any suggestions?

March 02, 2009

NIS Idol

Sorry it took so long, actually I had it done last week but I mispelled the school name so I had to start over.  She's awesome isn't she?

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