April 20, 2009

Best Party Activity...

Items needed:
1 punk
1 laser pointer
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Groucho Marx/ Steve Martin

Lilly handed these to me this morning in tears. She had yanked the nose off of the glasses and could no longer play with them. In my grogginess (no coffee yet) I simply said we have to wait for Daddy to fix them. Usually she just puts them down where she is standing and expects me to remember. This afternoon when we got home from my stiching group they were sitting on top of the computer waiting to be fixed. So I have now deemed them the best party favor ever (from December). Thanks Steph.
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April 17, 2009

That's cheese not a hotdog!

This last weekend Dimples and his BFF started to work on our deck. After all the egg hunts and turkey consumption our middle child decided to help.

"That's cheese not a hotdog!" spoken by Lilly about the sawdust. Completely Random...
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April 14, 2009

Easter part 4: Outside Hunt

Because it turned out to be such a beautiful day we had to re-hide the eggs outside. The girls loved it. Natalie being too old to hunt stayed inside and played ping pong and pool with Dimples. Hope all of you had a very Happy Easter!
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Easter part 3: Hunt #1

Pepaw hid eggs inside since the rain put a damper on an outside hunt. Little did we know....

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Easter part 2: baskets

Why is it that lately Caitlin is crying in all of our family pics?
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Easter Part 1 of many: Coloring Eggs

This year we had five kids coloring eggs! A one, two, three, five, and ten year old. The traditional way of dipping in dark rich colors just didn't sound like a good idea. During the weekly trip to the local Wal-Mart I found this really cool spinning egg dyer. You drop the color in, put the egg in, lock the top and push the button. It was kinda like that spin art they do with glitter and paint at carnivals. The kids loved it and the eggs came out pretty cool.

Part 2 coming soon.
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