September 30, 2009

Get on the ball...

I would like to give a shout out to Mary Kay at High Heels and Golf Spikes for giving me this award. The rules state that I have to pass this on to one or more blogs. So I have chosen... (drum roll)...

I now feel the need to get back into the swing of this... so here we go!
I have now been back in school for 5 weeks and feel like I have written 4 paper (2 were rewrites) and done about, hmmm, a million algebra problems. I still don't understand math and I am looking forward to next summer when I am done with it all! I will NEVER take another math class! So that is what is going on with me.

Now my kiddos... Lilly has hit the terrific 3's and is a blessing. She reminds me about every 10 minutes that she is a good girl and Caitlin is not. She is in school two days a week and loves it. Right now she is learning about the numbers 1 and 2 and the letters A and B.
Caitlin has entered the terrible 2's and has no care in the world. Her favorite phrase is, "leave me alone." When Dimples was putting her in the car Sunday after church she was screaming, "Leave me alone, Dad!" at the top of her lungs for everyone to hear. If you didn't know you would have thought she was being abused. She would love to be in school with her Huggie (Lilly) and pitches a royal fit every time we leave Huggie in her class and Caitlin has to go home. On a good note, she is learning to take a bribe very nicely. Natalie aka Wowie has started the 6th grade and is just as sassy as ever. She is a smart and beautiful girl that is learning to deal with real world problems, like time management. Something that will not be learned from example from her overwhelmed mother!

We are going to the park for the first time in 5 months, because the weather is PERFECT today! So there will pictures to come.... enjoy this beautiful day that God has blessed you with.

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Kay said...

I LOVE the face lift! Your new background is great!

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