October 03, 2009

Friday Playday

Our church has an awesome playground that the girls just about die to play on every Sunday. We finally got the chance to go hang out. We drove through Wendy's picked up some nuggets for a picnic and had a fun day.
This obsticle course was a little difficult for our little ones. This shot was taken quickly before I ran back over to her and helped her between rings. She just kept insisting that she do it again. It was easy for her, for me... not so much.
Caitlin slept through the picnic in the car, but woke up in time to still have some fun. She is a little monkey, immediatly she climbed to the top of this rope ladder and got stuck. Right after this she went down the big slide by herself.
The girls took turns spinning in the ring. The were full of giggles. Kay and I just sat and watched, it was so nice to hear them play together. Soon we packed up and headed to a local quilt show, more pics to come about that.
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