January 28, 2010

Letters to Great Grandma

Today punk #2 learned about writing a letter and mailing it.  When we got home from school today she asked me if she could write her name and mail it to her Great Grandma Dodo.  She loves her GG Dodo (so do I).  After writing her name backwards and sideways several times #3 joined in the coloring project too.  Then she let me address the envelope and stuff their pictures inside, with a short note explaining the letter.  Here are some pics of her and #3 walking to the mailbox and mailing her letter.
"Muahh! Dodo, I love you!"

January 25, 2010

Party Weekend

This past weekend punk #2 had her 4th birthday party.  We choose to try out Chuck E. Cheese this year.  Hoping that it would be a cheaper choice than having it at home.  I know that sounds backwards, but if you think about it it makes sense.  Having the party with Chuck E. we did not have to provide food for all the adults and there were about 15 of them in addition to the 15 kids.  Well as it turns out we were right!  Love it when that happens.  So to those of our friends to come to the parties they will all be done this way in the future! There will be more pictures to come.  I have some of our favorite highschool youth minister playing games while his baby girl watches from a stroller.  And some of daddy riding the games with Lilly.  She had so much fun. And I hope that everyone else did too. 
Happy Birthday Babe! Love you, Mom and Dad.

January 22, 2010

Hello Assignment

This week I started the second semester of my freshman year of college.  I was told to write a paragraph describing me and my interests.  After writing and reading it back I kinda like it.  It is simple, just like me.

A title of a married stay at home mother, of three girls, really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. That is exactly what I am. When I was young I “accidentally” got pregnant with my first daughter, Natalie was born June 18, 1998, and she is now eleven years old. I made the decision that I was going to keep her and raise her with her father. When she was two we divorced, and went our separate ways only to cross paths when Natalie was involved, I was only 18 at the time. The next few years were the hardest of my life. I was trying to be the mother that Natalie needed and the daughter that my parents taught me to be. Being a single mother did not leave time for much or money even if there was time. Those years I didn’t have many or any real friends. Time passed as it always does and I found myself waiting table at a local bar, never expecting to find my husband and my best friend. Joel and I married when I was twenty-two, in 2004. The following year found out that we both lost a grandparent and we were expecting our first child together. Lillian was born January 18, 2006. Six months later we found out we were expecting again. Talk about a whirl wind marriage. There was never time for us. Caitlin was born May 9, 2007. This past year I decided that it was time to make some time for me and return to college to finish my extended education. Having three children, two of them toddlers, does not allow a lot of time for me. I am only taking two classes a semester on a full grant. Adding two days a week to my schedule has literally left zero extra time. Our days and nights are booked every day. My family and I host a small group on Saturday nights and attend the same church that I have been a member of for the past seventeen years. On Mondays I quilt, and wish that I had more time and money to support that ministry. I look forward to graduate, in about six years, and hope to follow three of my seven siblings and graduate with honors.

January 14, 2010

She is wrapped in pink ribbons and a highheeled big deal!

It wasn't that long ago that I was complaining to my sister that I didn't have the greatest of friends.  Actually at that time I didn't feel like I had any real friends.  In my circle I was the first to have a child, then the first to marry and then to have more children.  I was just in a different place in my life than my single friends.  It is amazing the way that the Lord works.  Now I have the greatest friends that are in the same stages as me or have already experienced them and are mentoring me!
Tuesday, my friends Kay and Ellen met for a fun day of fabric and quilt supply shopping.  We walked all through JoAnn's the visited my local shop Time Treasured Quilts.  When all finished and ready for lunch we headed to Which Wich for lunch... and I have now had that for 3 meals in the last 2 days!  Love it!
Yesterday Kay came over for some mommy quilting time.  However our little ones did not really feel like playing they wanted to help us or watch us.  It amazed me, and made me laugh a little, how Kay can sew her strips together with her youngest on her lap!  I just had to snap a picture.

I want to take the time to say Thanks Kay and Ellen for being just what I was looking for.  There are more and I would like to tell you about them little by little.  Come back for more about my friends.

January 04, 2010

Hello Visitors!

Lately I have noticed a lot of visitors from places that I have never been, nor do I know anyone that lives there.  So I would like to take the time to say,
 " Hello, thank you for dropping by and reading my blog.  I have been kinda lazy this past year and my resolution is to be a better blogger this year.  Please come back and check in on me randomly and feel free to post a comment.  Tell me a little about yourself and how you came to know about my blog."

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