January 25, 2010

Party Weekend

This past weekend punk #2 had her 4th birthday party.  We choose to try out Chuck E. Cheese this year.  Hoping that it would be a cheaper choice than having it at home.  I know that sounds backwards, but if you think about it it makes sense.  Having the party with Chuck E. we did not have to provide food for all the adults and there were about 15 of them in addition to the 15 kids.  Well as it turns out we were right!  Love it when that happens.  So to those of our friends to come to the parties they will all be done this way in the future! There will be more pictures to come.  I have some of our favorite highschool youth minister playing games while his baby girl watches from a stroller.  And some of daddy riding the games with Lilly.  She had so much fun. And I hope that everyone else did too. 
Happy Birthday Babe! Love you, Mom and Dad.

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kelly summers said...

Happy birthday punk #2! what day was it?

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