May 12, 2010

Princess and A Queen

Sunday was Mother's Day and Caitlin's 3rd birthday.  I am used to sharing holidays, we all seem to have our special day around some sort of holiday.  Because it is important to children, ok everyone, to have people present at their birthday parties we decided to host the Chuck E Cheese party on Saturday instead.  It was great, there was screaming children, green frosting on the Tinkerbell cake and a large rat!  Best birthday ever! I am happy to say there was no hooker fairy present this year. Then we all passed out and it was Sunday.
Mothers day.  I waited and waited no breakfast in bed, but Dimples did do the dishes.  Score!  We went to my in-laws for the day, we decided that there was no way we were trying to fight the crowd for lunch (or dinner) so my FNL bought mud bugs and we had a boil.  I LOVE crawfish, the girls well... they love the little lobsters.  Hey we go with whatever gets them to eat, did you know shrimp is chicken? Me neither, but it works. 
After lunch Caitlin got her big girl bike and we went for a walk.  It was short lived, she is currently scared of her bike, that she picked out.  We are still working on that. 
 Hope that all of you mothers had a great day.

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