August 26, 2010

Welcome to 7th Grade.

Today Punk #1 brought home a letter that asks the parents to write a note to the teacher.  The teacher wants to get to know our child better and would like to know them from our perspective.  What a great idea.  So here it goes:

Ms. C,

I am the proud parent of Punk #1.  She is my pride and joy.  As she gets older it is amazing to see her and remember her as the precious baby that she used to be.  Today she is a beautiful young lady that shares her emotions and feelings proudly.  She tends to be on the loud side and is passionate about her views.  She loves to read and analyze the story behind the book and relate it to her own life. As her parent it is difficult to keep up with her as she is so advanced that it seems that I am talking to a short adult, she is wise beyond her years.  She does have a lot going on in her mind and heart that weighs heavily on her so please be patient as we try to work these things through.  I know that you will enjoy having her and please pick her brain and keep her active, or just a warning you will have a "Chatty Cathy" on your hands.  Good luck this year.


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