January 27, 2011

By no means

did I mean any disrespect.  Let me explain.  I am not good in math or science, hence the reason my major is considered a BA not a BS.  12 years ago when punk #1 was a new born I attempted my first round of college Biology.  The problem then was that:

1. I was too young.
2. A new mom.
3. working a full time job.
and last, very huge reason so don't miss it...

4. I was in a Biology class for science majors.

I think we all know where this is going.  I did pass but it is not transferable so I am retaking this class this semester. For non-majors this time, thank you.  Now that I am older and want to learn and have educational goals I am already doing better.  Ok back to the respect or lack of, Tuesday is our first test.  I participate in class and really do understand what is going on in the lecture.  I take notes and read the chapter passages so I feel as though I am prepared.  Labs on the other hand no.  I have a difficulty applying what was lectured to the lab.  So today when we were doing a lab about water properties and hydrogen bonds (pictured), I got frustrated because no matter how many times I read the material it just wouldn't sink in.  Something about 70* water being chiller than 70* air, yes I get that, but how is that different/ same for metals vs. the human body.  So when my professor was attempting to explain this to me all she was doing was re-reading the material and underlining it for me.  So I just gave up and wrote on the lab what she said as the explanation.  At the end of class she asked me if I understood.  I honestly answered her, "No, so I am going to go home and read the chapter and study it." She just waved me off.  Then about five minutes later she asks to speak to me privately.  She took my frustration with myself on not understanding hydrogen bonds personally and felt that I had a negative attitude towards her, and that is distracting to other students.  Really? My frustration that I simply stated that I was going to go home and study for, also set up a study group with my lab partners for the test on Tuesday is negative?!?  How about that girl that talks the whole class or the other on the is texting?  Aren't they distracting other students and disrespecting you?  I am no confused by hydrogen bonds and the definition of respect.  I did not use a condescending tone, it wasn't her fault that I didn't understand it, she explained it over and over.  So we talked about it and she apologized for misunderstanding me. If this is the way the second week of class is going to go this is going to be a LONG semester!


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Just Me said...

I'm 29 years old and in my senior year of a nursing program. Granted it's taken me 4.5 years to get this far and I graduate in December. Most instructors I've encountered, let alone fellow students, have no idea about reciprocating respect. Good luck!


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