January 25, 2011


Just in case anyone noticed all the changes yesterday, sorry about that.  I am back to looking for backgrounds, learning how to use the headers and also after a long ordeal and tutorial both online and on the phone with my friend Kay I now have the really cool font! 

Last night was a long night.  Dimples and I didn't make it to bed until around 12:30am and somewhere around 4:30am punk #3 decided that it was time to pee the bed again.  That is the second time this week and it is only Tuesday.  Punk #1 is sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee when I finally make it down at 6:24am.  It will also be a long day.  As it is 7:31 right now and I have to jump into a hopefully warm shower to begin my full day at school.  Thank God history is my first class!


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