January 27, 2011


I have been really working on this blog this week and for the most part of not had much to do with the facebook world.  So I have recently had it pop into my head if I really want to continue with my wall.  HMMM.  There are pros and cons for both sides.  I really do enjoy having my "friends" and family at my finger tips, since they don't all read my blog, it has been easier to keep in touch with them this way.  However I also am a realist and I know that I don't really have 179 friends.  With that last statement, I really only converse with a few people there on a daily basis.  Of those few they all have my phone number, know where I live and I think that they even read this, so again I post the question why do I still use it?  I think that as my own little experiment I will see how it goes the next few weeks and how I feel about it then.  I am a woman after all I can change my mind anytime that I want.

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