January 20, 2011

Full load and I was called an overachiever!

It seems that I try to get this thing going at the beginning of each semester and then it never gets rolling.  Well I am here trying again.  A new semester a new year.  I have 13 hours this semester 3 face to face classes and 1 online class.  I had my first American Lit class last night and it was wonderful.  I love reading and learning so what better way to go about that than American Lit.  My professor is also on the Honors Committee so we had a little chat about that.  So for the very first time in my life I am going to attempt Honors.  Not only with American Lit but also with US History.  That means there will be 2 research papers written this semester as well as the regular work that is required.  I guess in other words I am letting you know up front that I might not actually get this rolling again this semester. But do you really blame me?

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