January 19, 2011

Why I started this thing!

All right already.  I started this whole blogging thing when I felt like I couldn't take the "fun adventures" that my Lilly was sending me on.  Well that sweet little Lilly is now 5 and learning to read.  Now it is Caitlin's turn.  She is 3 and a half and I am on my ledge again.  Just this morning she snuck out of my bed, where she is every morning, to rummage the fridge.  To my horror and surprise I found a dozen eggs cracked with a fingernail file in the office carpet!  Thankfully it is semi-winter so it won't stink.  I love my children all of them!  But this child really has a way of keeping me on my toes, or I guess I should say on my knees.  I pray daily that whatever it is that goes through her brain that it will stop!  The pediatrician even suggested that we have her screened by a Physciatrist.  All that did was send us down a road filled with different prescriptions and sleepless nights.  Oh and a full 48 hours of obsessed painting.  I honestly think that the hardest part of all this is that my family doesn't think there is anything wrong.  She is just difficult.  This discussion only leads me to feel like I am a terrible mother.  Just being  honest here.  I know that I am not a bad mother, I do have 2 other children that show this, but I still feel this way because as far as we know there is nothing wrong she is just difficult so that means the problem is me right?  So anyways back to the original statement I started this thing when life was difficult with Lilly's potty training hoping to find the humor in the things that she did.  So I am going to try this again.  I just hope that I am not too tired to see the humor this time around.

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