February 11, 2011

This week...

has been a total blur.  Between the weather roller coaster and the many hours that have been put into school.  Just this week alone I have discussed Greek Art way more than I ever thought that I would and still have to write a 500 word essay and take an assessment.  This weekend will be the perfect finish to the whirlwind week.  Tonight I will be dressing punk #1 for her Valentine's Day dance, watching my nieces until my brother in law gets off work, then picking up my punk from the dance.  Tomorrow morning is soccer pictures, practice and the game.  Tomorrow evening I am supposed to be attending a going away party for my dear friend Amber.  Oh yeah just remembered that #1 has a sleep over to attend tomorrow night also.  UGH!!!! does it ever stop? Don't answer that!!!! I am begging you I know the answer already just don't want to face it. To top it all off I have a Biology test on Tuesday and yet again I have no idea what she has been teaching the last two weeks.  She is a really tough professor to follow.  Wish me luck.  Goodbye!

(and just great I deleted my awesome signature trying to add this PS.... dance pics will be posted later)
<3 Becky (I know it isn't nearly as pretty, just accept it and move on, I have.)

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Sheila said...

I've totally moved on from the siggy catastrophe of 2011. I totally get your whirlwind week. I have been so busy I didn't even notice this blog post until now. And I haven't had anything new to add to mine in almost a week. Well, I have had tons of ideas, but they leave my brain as quickly as they enter. Oh and, just so you know, I miss my girl time. :( What a week, indeed!

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