February 12, 2011

What? Don't you play this way?

Saturday is soccer day in the No Shame household.  Today was picture day and I am already pretty sure I will be disappointed in the quality of the shots.  Well, I was standing on the sidelines when they were taken and there were no cute little poses. You know the ones like they have 1 foot on the ball, or sitting with 1 leg extended holding the ball... nothing! These cuties were just told to stand there.  UGH, no wonder they want us to pre-pay!  Anyway back to the fun story, Lilly has a little friend on her team that she also goes to MDO with.  We will call her E since I completely forgot to get permission to talk about her on my blog....so E's mom just go ahead and sign off on that with a comment.  Thanks.  E and Lilly are both pretty little girls, so they were both put in the goal box.  Look closely and tell me what is wrong with this picture? 
This is what I was talking about with that creative title of mine, What? You don't play this way?  They are holding hands. They pretty much stayed that way until the end of the game.  THIS is what makes losing the game worth it.  Might I add they make a great team, they blocked 2 goals this way.  When taking a break, for that coveted juice box they don't watch and cheer their team. They sit on the sidelines and giggle with each other.
Now these are the pictures that are worth buying!  One more just for a parting gift, a thank you for reading my blog and enjoying my girls half as much as I do.

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