January 30, 2012

Outta control

Recently a friend of mine has deleted their Facebook and Twitter account out of fear of losing their job. A friend of theirs was basically fired due to a post on FB related to an incident that happened at their workplace. This is getting ridiculous. What has happened to the freedom of speech in this country? Are we not allowed our own opinions anymore? This really bothers me. I am all about that face to face relationship over any type of technological one, but there is also an upside of venting and or receiving input about situations on network sights. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if keeping an open mind someone may point out a different take on the idea or situation. Point is everyone has their own opinion. As the saying goes "opinions are like @ssholes" everyone knows one." I know that isn't how it goes but right now I like it better. And feel free to comment with your opinion after all it's a free world for now.

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