April 17, 2012

Friend vs. Parent or both...

I have a little dilemma and I need some advice.  So who else to turn to than the blogger world? I have recently been told to stop being my daughters friend and be her parent.  Here is my issue with this, why can't I continue to be her friend/confidant and her parent?  You see my punk #1 is a good kid, she is in all AP classes and still makes high grades and in the 9 years she has been in school (k-8) she has only been in any kind of trouble 1.  That was resolved, yes she was grounded and had the iPod and such taken away from her.  We have been through counseling together and we are virtually a lot alike.  So naturally we are friends.  Not to say that I don't tell her no or scold her when she is wrong, but I also like to think that I turn those moments into life lessons, that is how I parent.  Now like I mentioned over all she is a good kid so we have a friendship bond and I don't think that I need to stop being her friend to be her mother, I don't feel the need to punish her just for the sake of punishment.  I know that is probably not what was implied when I was told that cliche but that was what I got from it. What do you think? Please way in as this is a matter heavy on my heart at the moment.

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